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Petits plats

Zucchini tatin (v) 

Puff pastry, zucchini, roasted brown onion, pine nuts, goat cheese, sprinkle of olive oil & chilli flakes.

Brie & Pear tatin (v) 

Puff pastry, Pear slices, brie cheese, drizzle of honey, mixed herbs, walnut.

Baked camembert (vo) 

Baked camembert wrapped with prosciutto, herbs & honey. served with bread on the side

Terrine de campagne

Pork, pistachio, cornichons & bread on side

Planche mixte 

Combination of cheese & cured meat and bread on the side


Slices of saucisson sec and cornichons

Foie gras toast

Foie gras toast topped with mixed berry jam

Pommes frites maison (vg,gf) 

homemade french fries tossed in sea salt & mixed herbs

Roasted veggies (vg,gf) 

Asparagus, baby carrots, broccolini in garlic & olive oil

Marinated olives (vg,gf) 

Kalamata olives in virgin olive oil, garlic & herbs

Baguette and salted butter (v) 

Warm baguette served with butter and sea salt flake

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